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DVCS is Dead

Git’s distributed model (DVCS) may be pushed as a strength, but commercial organizations are not really using it. Enterprise software spans multiple repositories, and includes large binaries and artifacts. Storing entire repos on local workstations places organizations at risk—both for security and compliance. Source: RSS and Repositories {$excerpt:n}

3 Hidden Benefits of Replication for Developers

There are three areas where replication delivers benefits to large or global development teams. They are backups and disaster recovery; high availability and performance; and continuous integration. Learn how to use replication to your advantage. Source: RSS and Repositories {$excerpt:n}

What Is Agile Testing?

Agile testing is software testing that follows the best practices of Agile development. Learn about the different types of Agile testing — and get an Agile test strategy example. Source: RSS and Repositories {$excerpt:n} Protection Status