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What Is Team Foundation Server?

Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server), is a software tool used for managing a team and their code. It’s a combination of a version control system (VCS), an issue tracker like Jira, and a limited application lifecycle management (ALM) tool. Source: RSS and Repositories {$excerpt:n}

The Top Three Challenges in Embedded Software Development

Embedded development can be a challenging and complex endeavor. Codebases are increasing in size and complexity. Development teams are getting larger and more dispersed. And strict requirements must be attended to. This is all happening against a backdrop of immense competition and shortening design cycles. Source: RSS and Repositories {$excerpt:n}

Do You Know How Safe Your Code Is?

Companies should be operating with the assumption that they are being attacked, and are probably already infiltrated. For security teams, this means adopting a a new strategy for data breaches. Source: RSS and Repositories {$excerpt:n} Protection Status