‘Absurd’ – Beckham Jr fined $14,037 since trousers didn’t cover his knees

Odell Beckham Jr in action against Seattle Seahawks

Beckham Jr caught 6 passes for 101 backyards versus the Seattle Seahawks

Cleveland Browns pass receiver Odell Beckham Jr has actually criticised a “outrageous” NFL fine after it was ruled his “pants stopped working to cover the knee area” during a game.

The 26- year-old has been fined $14,037(₤10,848) for the “uniform offense” in Cleveland’s 32-28 defeat by the Seattle Seahawks on 13 October.

NFL rules state “trousers need to be used over the entire knee location”.

“14 k for some pants that are not gon na secure me from anything,” he stated.

He published a letter received from the NFL on his Instagram story, adding: “This […] is ridiculous.”

The NFL says uniform guidelines help to “safeguard gamers from injury, keep competitive balance, create a professional look and secure the league’s service partnerships”.

Pants “reduced or rolled up to fulfill the stockings above the knee” are forbidden.

Beckham Jr can appeal against the fine – the 13 th of his career.

He was fined the exact same amount previously in October for his “unsportsmanlike conduct” in an on-field fight with Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey.

In 2016, he was fined $18,231(₤14,089) for an uniform violation.

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